Real estate is the only promising market in India with steady growth and 100% ROI benefits. It is the only market that survives market volatility and always comes back in full swing. The real estate market for 2022 has been engaging with property prices witnessing positive growth after being stagnant and low for two pandemic years. 

Thanks to the lower interest rates on home loans offered by different banks that are under 8%. More people are investing in real estate and making informed decisions about their future investments. Are you also one of the people looking for the best real estate investment option in India? This blog is for you. 

While India is progressing, it has 100 smart city missions. Many cities and states hold the power to convert your investment into an unimaginable return on investment of all times. Having a broad option to choose from is always complicated. Here, let me simplify the process by presenting the best place to invest in land in India.

Before Illustrating one particular state as the best place to invest in land in India, let us understand the fundamental factors that make any state the best real estate investment in India. They are –

  • Infrastructure growth and development
  • Education and Healthcare facilities
  • Generic facilities like water, electricity & sewage management
  • Safety and the security quotient of the state
  • Job employment opportunities in various industries
  • Transportation, Accessibility and Connectivity
  • Sustainable environment measures and activities
  • Governing and Political stability

Any State, City, or district that bangs a tick on at least 6 of these eight factors can be considered the best place to invest in land in India. Now let us address the question of which is the best in India for real estate investments.

Tamil Nadu 

Tamil Nadu is a rapidly developing state with 12 cities under the Smart city mission of India, which includes Madurai, Trichy, and Coimbatore, providing massive investment options throughout the state. 

Considering all the above mentioned factors, Tamil Nadu state stands still and robust, providing all of the above factors to its residents and investors. Tamil Nadu is home to 4 international airports, 22 minor and four major ports providing direct accessibility worldwide. It also holds the 9th position globally in total renewable energy production.

Growth aspect of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu state is witnessing significant growth in all the industrial as well as IT sectors along with developments in Transportation, Social and Commercial infrastructure, Manufacturing, Logistics & materials, Food Processing & Agriculture, Tourism, Solar Energy, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Automobiles, Aerospace & Defence and Real Estate. It is already a state with the highest number of factories and is the most secure economic state with a steady growth rate in all sectors.

According to the Indian investment grid, Tamil Nadu is India’s second-largest economic state, contributing an annual growth rate of 10% per annum to the country’s economy.

Considering the growth potential in all the sectors, as mentioned earlier, the real estate sector will eventually bombard with investment demands in Tamil Nadu for the upcoming year 2023.

Affordable investment opportunities in Tamil Nadu

The real estate market of Tamil Nadu is highly affordable compared to other cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Despite being highly advanced in infrastructure development and network connectivity throughout India, this state has yet to stay under the category of affordable state for the best real estate investment in India. Very recently, the government of Tamil Nadu has also announced a low price range offer for the plots in SIDCO to promote export-oriented MSMEs.

Best investment state for NRIs, too 

Tamil Nadu is regarded as the best place in India to invest in land, not only for Indian residents but also for non-resident Indians. Considering the same factors, NRIs are also interested in choosing Tamil Nadu as India’s best real estate investment due to its high ROI and sturdy investment opportunity.

Growth potential in all types of real estate sectors

Tamil Nadu holds excellent growth potential in all kinds of real estate markets residential, commercial and industrial. With an 80% literacy rate and the highest in providing job opportunities in various sectors, including industrial, manufacturing, IT/ITes, commercial, Horticulture, Agriculture and much more, the demand and supply in the real estate market is booming with the economic growth of the state. Therefore, it is wise to name Tamil Nadu as India’s best real estate investment. If asked, which state is the best in India for real estate investments?

The best real estate investment location in Tamil Nadu

Plots in Chennai has always been the best real estate investment in India. If you are looking for an industrial investment option, Arakkonam in Chennai is the place to invest. It will be Chennai’s next biggest industrial zone in the upcoming years. With the affordable investment amount, it’s surreal to believe and a steal deal keeping the benefits and future ROI in mind. 

Commercial and residential real estate plots in Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Trichy are highly trending. Coimbatore and Trichy being tier-II developing cities, are much more affordable and show excellent appreciation value of land in the upcoming future. Having an IT presence, Defense industrial corridor around, these cities have massive development plans in progress that boost the overall growth potential of these regions. 


Summing up for you with the answer to the question: which is the best state in India for real estate investments? Ans: Tamil Nadu. Working on the demands of the real estate market, some prominent real estate developers are providing the best investment locations in Tamil Nadu with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, aesthetically pleasing amenities and serene surroundings for investments.