Purchasing your desired house in Kolkata is not a piece of cake. One has to invest one’s life time saving to buy a luxurious house for sale in Kolkata. To find the best and affordable housing solutions for you, we bring you the list of best houses for sale in Kolkata City.


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Sometimes even after saving for a lifetime, people cannot get their desired property because of its cost. That time they look for home loans and end up paying monthly EMIs. So always think peacefully and then contribute so that you can get the right thing for what you are paying.

For that, at first, you have to avoid some myths of real estate. These misconceptions create a great impact at the time of making decisions. Let’s check out five such misconceptions and the actual reality of real estate.

What is the right time to buy a house for sale in Kolkata?

People think a lot before investing in a property. The first myth is this is not the right time to buy a house for sale in Kolkata. But have you ever considered that because of your waiting, the price might increase? So if you are really waiting for the best day, then keep your eye on the interest rate as well as the real price. At the end of the day, no one wants to lose a great deal for a long time investment.

Avoid hiring a middleman

When you can choose the best house for sale in Kolkata on your own, why are you relying on a middle man? You can easily save the commission price of the broker. But people usually think that without paying the charge of a broker, they cannot get an ideal house for sale. If you just scroll down this page, we will get tons of luxurious house for sale in Kolkata from where you can choose the best one, your dream home.

How to save more on houses in Kolkata?

Without paying the ridiculous cost to the real estate brokers, you can simply buy your favorite house for sale from a builder or developer. You can enjoy a fixed rate per unit, and the best part is the sales agents cannot increase it for their own advantage. If you have a marketer, he will definitely charge you more than a developer. But if you buy a property from a developer, you don’t have to pay the commission. As a result, you can save a lot.

Do you have prior knowledge of buying a house for sale in Kolkata?

No! Well, you don’t need to have prior knowledge of buying a house in Kolkata. Yes, you heard it right! People usually think that without specialized knowledge, they cannot get a good deal in this real estate industry. But keep in mind that you need to know the technical terms. In that case, you can simply choose the best real estate company from where you can get your job done.

How much you pay as commission to buy a house in Kolkata?

People have another misconception that real estate brokers charge a lot. But that is not true. This charge sometimes includes many miscellaneous expenses like an advertisement, running cost, or government taxes. If you actually calculate the real amount, it will be a maximum of 2%.

So avoid these myths if you want to buy a beautiful house for sale in Kolkata. Also, don’t forget to take a look below as here you will get all the lucrative deals.