Kolkata is one of the most affordable and luxurious real estate markets. In the last few years, the real estate market has grown a lot. People usually look for flats for rent in Kolkata with different facilities at an affordable price. If you are looking for a flat for rent in Kolkata, check out the listings below.

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The price usually depends on the location. The best thing is the cost of renting a flat in Kolkata has not changed a lot than in the previous years. So if you are looking for the affordable localities in Kolkata, check out these five localities that will fit in your budget.

Flats for rent in Rajarhat (Kolkata)

Rajarhat is one of the most affordable and promising localities in Kolkata. The significant business districts of Kolkata are connected with this area. That is why the oscillating population gets attracted to this place. People who work in the IT sector look for a flat for rent in this place. For a 2BHK flat, you may have to pay Rs.9 to Rs.13 per square feet.

Flats for rent in Garia (Kolkata)

Our next affordable destination is Garia in the city. This area has witnessed many developments and improvements in the past few years. Multiple hospitals, retail chains, educational institutes, malls, and other places have been introduced here. Metro connectivity has made this place more attractive and advanced. So residents who look for the best flats for rent in Kolkata usually prefer this area first. Along with that, this stretching of EM Bypass Road has made it more hassle-free.

Flats for rent in Dum Dum (Kolkata)

Dum Dum is another great affordable place in Kolkata near the airport. So the demand for rented flats is higher on this site. Along with that, you can get connected with railways and roads. This place is also famous for different reputed academic and health care centers. Most of the NRIs stay in this locality, and they don’t trust people to look after their property. So they usually prefer to offer flats for rent in Kolkata. For a 2BHK flat, You may have to pay Rs.8 to Rs.10 per square feet.

Flats for rent in Ruby (Kolkata)

Middle-class families love to get their residential homes in this area of Kolkata. This area is chock-a-block with different restaurants, retail kings, food joints, malls, hospitals, and educational centers. If you rent a flat in Kolkata in this location of Rubi, you can enjoy excellent infrastructure, outstanding transportation, great neighbors, and of course, an affordable rate. If you scroll down this page a bit, you will see the most demanding flats are listed here for rent.

Flats for rent in Salt Lake (Kolkata)

If we are talking about Kolkata, how can we forget the place like Salt Lake or Bidhannagar? Many top companies, including TCS, Wipro, or Cognizant, operates from here. Along with that, from schools to hospitals, restaurants, malls, food joints, everything is available at close proximity. People who have to visit this place daily want to take a rented flat at an affordable rate. In that case, for a 2BHK Apartment, you may have to pay Rs.12 to Rs.14 for each square foot.

So these are some of the most affordable places where you can get flats for rent in Kolkata. Don’t forget to check the list below. You will get all the details about luxurious and affordable flats here.