Are you thinking of buying a flat in Kolkata? Browse through this list of flats for sale in Kolkata in top localities. Furnished, Semi-Furnished, 1,2,3,4,5 BHK Ready to move flats for sale. Resale flats in Kolkata are also listed below.


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Location is one of the main parameters which you should consider first even before price. Everyone looks for flats for sale in Kolkata in posh areas. The main reason behind that is these areas are convenient as public transport, schools, shops, markets, hospitals and so on are easily available.

The home buyers usually get demotivated because of the price of a property. Sometimes they drop their plan of buying a property, or sometimes they compromise with the price. Now the question is what is the solution to this problem?

Not enough budget to buy a flat in Kolkata? Here is the solution.

Nowadays, the real estate market of Kolkata has grown drastically. If your budget is short and you cannot buy your desired property in your preferred area, then you can check properties in nearby areas. There are many flats for sale in Kolkata. The price differs just for 1 to 2 kilometers. Sometimes people drop their plan because of wrong thought in your mind. What’ that? Let’s find out.

Eradicate wrong thoughts from your mind

Homebuyers make the first mistake of comparing prices according to the areas. As a result, they start thinking that an expensive plot is much better than this low budget plot. This is entirely wrong, and you should eradicate this thought from your mind. You will find many areas in Kolkata where inventory options are less. That is why the resale value depends on the owner of the property. For instance, if you are very much interested in buying a particular flat in a specific area and if it’s a rare and unique option, then the owner of the property will definitely charge you more. It doesn’t mean that your desired flat is much better than any other flat in nearby areas.

Which areas should be preferred before choosing flats for sale in Kolkata?

If you are looking for the best flat for sale in Kolkata, then you have to choose the area according to your needs. Salt lake is one of the favorite areas for home buyers. But if you cannot get your desired property in Salt Lake, then you can look for nearby areas. For example, New Town or Kestopur are equally good. On the other hand, the price of flats will be much lesser than Salt Lake properties.

Even if you are not getting your desired property in Action area 1 of New Town, you can look for a locality like Rajarhat. Both SRCM Road and Rajarhat main road are excellent locations to buy your first property. The best part is many outstanding flats for sale in Kolkata are available in this area.

Are you a businessman? Check out the best areas for business

Apart from that, if you are a business person and looking for classy neighbors, then you can choose areas like Alipore. Here you will get high priced flats with excellent facilities. The New Alipore area is equally good, which is just 1 to 2 kilometer away.

Apart from New Alipore, you can get your desired high-end property in EM Bypass, as well. The full-length road of Ultadanga to Garia is known as EM Bypass.

So keep these things in mind before choosing your desired property in Kolkata. The best flats for sale in Kolkata are listed below. Don’t forget to take a look.