Are you thinking about buying an office space in Kolkata? If you are not sure which part of Kolkata will be advantageous for you to get an office space, we have a full list. If you are thinking about starting your own business, then Kolkata has the best commercial options for you.


The primary reasons are affordability, prime localities, peaceful neighborhood, location, and several other things. Office spaces in Kolkata are available here at a reasonable price. Check them out below.


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Reasons to buy or rent an office space in Kolkata:


Prime commercial areas:


One of the crucial factors that decide whether the value of a property will fall or rise in its neighborhood is the presence of top residential areas. Prime locations like New Alipore, Ballygunge, and Alipore are situated in the southern part of the city. Everybody wants to buy property there. You can even buy land or take office space for rent in Kolkata’s southern region. 


Advantages of the location:


The connectivity of South Kolkata to all other vital parts of the city is quite well. Metro, rail, and road transport connect South Kolkata seamlessly to other places. In the next five years, connectivity will be even better as some great projects are going on. 


Here you’ll find the Tollygunge area, the home of Bengali TV and Film Industry. There are also major educational institutions like the Jadavpur University, IIM Calcutta, and Ram Krishna Mission Residential College. National Library of India, Royal Calcutta Golf Club, and Zoological Garden are among the places of interest in South Kolkata. No doubt, anybody will choose these places if he is looking for office space for rent in Kolkata.


Office Space in Kolkata is affordable


One of the most important reasons why people love to live in South Kolkata is that it is incredibly affordable as opposed to North Kolkata. Flats, houses, and office spaces for rent are available at reasonable prices. So, if you do not have the cash at present to buy an office but still want to start your company, you’ll quickly get office space for rent in Kolkata.


Both low and high budget options are available


If you have always wanted to have your own office in Kolkata, you will be pleased to know that there is a wide range of options for buyers with all budgets in Kolkata. 


So, it is the best time to stop looking for office spaces in Kolkata and choose the best one with Propaura.


Check out the office spaces in Kolkata below.