Finding God and finding the best residential apartment in Mumbai is the same. In short, it’s an arduous task. But if you have found a flat in Mumbai, then you are living in India’s one of the best metro cities. You will be amazed to know that many outstanding flats are available for sale in Mumbai. The best part is you can find it even within a day. Yes! You heard it right. All you have to do is go through the listed flats in Mumbai on this page that are for sale. You will find the best flats for sale in Mumbai within your budget.

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Flats for sale in Mumbai – The best Places

When you are hunting for the best property, area matters the most. So let’s begin our journey by choosing the best site first.


Many outstanding flats for sale in Mumbai are available in this place. If you are a foodie, you can enjoy yourself with your buddies in different restaurants and cafes near to your house. If you are staying with your partner, then she will surely love to shop from Linking Road or Hill Road. These are the high-value areas in Mumbai. So if you like to interact with people, then this crowdy part of this city will be the best choice for you.


Who doesn’t know about Juhu Beach in Mumbai? You must have seen this beach in many Bollywood movies. If your budget is a bit high, then you can definitely consider this part of Mumbai as many top-rated flats are available for sale here.


Andheri is famous for malls and business firms. The busiest train station in Mumbai is also available here. So if you are a business owner and love to communicate with people, then you can buy your flat in this place. You can get connected with the entire city by its nearest railway station.

These are the most popular places in Mumbai. Apart from these three, many other beautiful residential flats/apartments are available in different areas, including Goregaon, South Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Powai. In short, if you are looking for the right investment piece, then you cannot miss these exceptional deals.

What’s your need? Independent houses or apartments?

People usually look for flats for sale in Mumbai because these apartments are much more safe and comfortable. You can enjoy many other facilities, including parks, a gym, a swimming pool and so on. The price of the properties in Mumbai has been increasing daily. So people prefer these flats because they can get so many facilities in one place at an affordable rate. On the other hand, if you prefer independent houses then also you can get many great deals.

Points to remember before buying a flat in Mumbai

Many exceptional flats are indeed available for sale in this beautiful city Mumbai. But before buying a residential apartment, you need to keep a few things in your mind. You have to get some genuine answers to different vital questions. We have included all these questions here. Let’s check out.

  • Did the local authority of the government approve the construction? Before choosing an apartment, don’t forget to ask this question.
  • Sometimes people get confused about the size of their house area because of the advertisements and hoardings. So try to get all the information about the carpet area before selecting a property in Mumbai.
  • This point is one of the most critical parts. Don’t forget to check the credibility and financial status of the builder.
  • You can check the previous projects of that builder. You will quickly understand his credibility after checking these projects.

Try to keep these things in mind before booking a flat in Mumbai. Your hard-earned money should not go in vain. Keep in mind that we are always here to help you. Browse through the huge list of flats for sale in Mumbai below.