Multiple beautiful flats on rent in Pune are available for those people who want to reside in this city at an affordable price. Check all the flats available for rent in Pune below.


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Pune has become an exciting spot for tourists. Many beautiful spots like hill stations and Pilgrimage attract a lot of people. Due to all these reasons, Pune can be looked like the best and a preferable option when it comes to residential living. Along with that, the reasonable price of multiple places attracts customers to a larger extent. 


Places to look for flats on rent in Pune


There are a lot of places in Pune which are good for living. But here are the 5 most important places that are considered to be the best. These places include Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Hadapsar, Boat Club Road, and Wagholi. These places have been chosen because they are reasonable as well as busy and beautiful places. 


  1. Koregaon Park: Koregaon Park, located in Pune, is considered to be among the elite areas. This place is popular because of the presence of a commercial market place. This Marketplace has got the Hard Rock Cafe, including Starbucks and German Bakery. German Bakery is a very famous spot, and people come o visit this place from different areas. Along with entertainment activities and retail shops, Koregaon Park is highly demanded due to residential housing. People who want to live a lavish life choose this place. Many beautiful flats on rent in Pune are available in this place.


  1. Boat Club Road: This one is one of the most beautiful locations and the active please in Pune. Now let it be clear to people why this place is so important. This place is preferred by maximum people because it is midway between the railway station and the airport. So people who love to travel and move here and there prefer this place. This is the right the best place to live in this city. 


  1. Kalyani Nagar: One of the best and the most important industrial location in Pune is Kalyani Nagar. It is a residential hub and disconnected from Koregaon Park through a bridge. This Bridge is 300 meters long. People working in these Industries prefer Flats on rent in Pune in this area.


  1. Wagholi: This place has seen a lot of improvement in the last few years. Wagholi has got the best Healthcare facilities and educational. This is the reason why people want to continue their education life in a better way by finding flats here.


  1. Hadapsar: Hadapsar is known as the industrial hub of the city. IBM and SAS, along with TCS, are located here. The story doesn’t end here. You’ll find multiple excellent residential facilities and entertainment facilities here.


So if you are hunting for the best flats for rent in Pune, don’t forget to look below.