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5 most crucial things to remember before selecting a Plot for sale in Pune


Buying a property is a big investment in any man’s life. Therefore, you cannot afford to hurry and regret it later. If you are purchasing a property for the first time, it is natural that you do not know what things to check before finalizing any project. 


Here you’ll come to know about all the important factors that you need to consider if you are looking for plots for sale in Pune.



  • Licenses and approval


Once you like a property, make sure you go through the paperwork minutely. This is the most important criterion. These include various important documents like Commencement certificate to begin your work, Certificate of Environmental Clearance, Release Certificate, Title Deed, Encumbrance Certificate, Property Tax papers, and several others. 



  • The total expense


Do not allow the builder to play any trick on you. The price they mention at the time of advertisement of their plots for sale in Pune and other places is not the exact price of that plot. Brokers always mention the basic amount to attract the attention of buyers to their projects. So, it is your job to find out the total amount that you’ll have to pay. 


For instance, if you buy a flat, there are several additional expenses that the builders reveal gradually. They include parking charges, electricity charges, water charges, service tax, etc.  



  • List of all banks financing that project


There are thousands of real estate agents and companies in every city. It is a difficult task to find a reliable company. There are several projects that fail to arrange money. So, if you like a project, get a list of all banks that are ready to support the project. This also gives you a chance to pick the bank that offers the loan with the lowest interest rate.



  • The apartment’s size


If you are not looking for plots for sale in Pune but flats in Pune, don’t forget to ask the builder the exact size of the apartment. Builders usually tell you the super built-up area. This area includes a lobby and staircase, as well. So, you need to know the carpet area of your desired apartment.



  • The reputation of the builder


Verifying the builder is a must when it comes to buying a flat or a plot. Many times, unjust builders advertise plots for sale in Pune or any other city that are under litigation. If a person trusts the builder blindly, he may have to face a great loss. If you are wondering how you can verify, the answer is quite simple, go through the builder’s current and past projects or ask questions on the real estate platforms online.


Now that you know all the important points that you have to consider before looking for plots for sale in Pune, you can plan accordingly to buy your dream plot based on your budget and requirement.


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