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  • , Roads, Compound Wall, Water , Under ground drainage, Electricity
  • Balcony
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  • Garden
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  • Security System


A 2.5 BHK (2.5 Bedroom Hall Kitchen) flat in a PURE VEGETARIAN society offers a slightly larger living space compared to a traditional 2BHK, typically incorporating an additional half-room that can serve various purposes.

In such a flat, you would typically find:

Two Bedrooms: These bedrooms would offer ample space for sleeping and storage, possibly including built-in wardrobes or closets. One bedroom might be larger than the other, serving as the master bedroom, while the second bedroom could be used for children, guests, or as a multipurpose room.

Half-Room: The additional half-room could be used as a study, a small office, a children’s play area, or even a cozy reading nook. Its versatility allows residents to customize the space based on their needs and preferences.

Living Room or Hall: This area would provide space for relaxation and entertainment, with room for seating arrangements, a dining area, and possibly additional furniture like bookshelves or entertainment units.

Kitchen: The kitchen would be designed to accommodate vegetarian cooking, with adequate counter space, storage cabinets, and facilities for preparing meals. Residents may prefer to use separate utensils and cookware for vegetarian food to maintain purity according to their beliefs.

Bathrooms: The flat would typically include one or more bathrooms, well-maintained and equipped with standard amenities, reflecting the overall emphasis on cleanliness within the society.

In addition to the living space within the flat, common areas and facilities within the society might also align with vegetarian principles, such as vegetarian-only dining areas, community gardens for growing vegetables, or eco-friendly initiatives promoting sustainability and a healthy lifestyle.

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