Anant siddhi



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A 1BHK (1 Bedroom Hall Kitchen) flat in a pure vegetarian society typically consists of a single bedroom, a living room or hall, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

The bedroom usually serves as the primary sleeping area and may have space for a wardrobe or closet. The living room or hall area is where residents can entertain guests or relax, often accommodating seating arrangements and perhaps a small dining area. The kitchen is usually compact but functional, equipped with basic amenities for cooking and storage. The bathroom typically includes a shower, sink, and toilet.

It often prioritize cleanliness, simplicity, and functionality, so you might find minimalist decor and efficient use of space in such flats. Additionally, adherence to principles of non-violence (ahimsa) might influence lifestyle choices within the community, such as vegetarianism and eco-friendly practices.

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