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When we plan to buy a house, most of us start looking for houses under construction or ready to move houses. How many of us consider used flats or houses as a good option? If you are one of those people who have never thought of living in a house that belonged to someone else, this article might change your mind.

Why should you consider living in an Independent house in Delhi?


Price is negotiable


Home is much more than four walls. So, nobody wants to sell a house unless there is an emergency like a job opportunity in another city, financial crisis, etc. So, when a person puts up his house on sale, he is always in a hurry. It can be because of a financial crisis, or he may have personal issues. He does not have the patience and time to keep waiting for the desired price. This is the reason why you can purchase a used property at a lesser price than a new one. If you want a house and not a flat, finding an independent house for sale in Delhi will not be a problem. All you need to do is negotiate well and enjoy a great price.


Matured trees, landscaping, and vegetation


A resale house in an older community comes with several natural benefits like matured trees, better landscaping, and a place for vegetation as well. Older homes are generally situated in great places. All these factors give a resale house a unique character and charm.


Earlier track record of the house


If you buy an old house, you can learn about the appreciation value of that property over the past ten years by performing basic market research. This is absolutely impossible when you go for a newly built independent house in Delhi.


No need to worry about the taxes


A resale house is again a great option as it helps you to save a large amount of money. Buying a new property involves a hefty amount of tax payment. Based on the state laws in your city, you will have to pay a lower amount as tax if you buy a property on resale.


Additional features of the house for sale in Delhi


Unlike new projects, resale houses always come with attractive additional features such as a security system, storage cabinets, modular kitchen, window blinds, tiles, and the list is unending. 


Adding these after buying a new independent house means spending a lot of money in addition to the cost of the house. Moreover, it is not just about money. Taking care of all intricate detailing also consumes a lot of time and energy.  


So, these are the pros of purchasing a used house. Once you make up your mind about buying an older property, all you need to do is find an independent house in Delhi listed for sale and convert it into the home of your dreams. 


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