Following the unveiling of the latest retirement legislation and the introduction of long-term visas by the esteemed UAE Cabinet, Starling Properties has already witnessed a notable surge in inquiries from prospective initial purchasers. Frank Vito, the Chief Executive Officer of this esteemed real estate firm, elaborates on the essential measures to undertake if you happen to be an aspiring first-time buyer in the vibrant city of Dubai.

Step 1: Prospective buyers should establish firm financial foundations.

Before embarking on the quest for property acquisition, a buyer must comprehensively understand their available investment capital. By doing so, one can avoid the heart-wrenching disappointment of stumbling upon their ideal abode only to realize that it surpasses their budgetary constraints. Conversely, such an exercise may pleasantly surprise them as they discover that their financial resources surpass their initial estimations.

Engaging with a seasoned mortgage broker is highly recommended. These professionals possess specialized expertise in their domain and can proficiently guide buyers through the intricacies of purchasing their inaugural property in Dubai. With their assistance, buyers can understand monthly repayments and the array of concealed expenses associated with venturing into the Dubai real estate market.

It is crucial to remember that the deposit represents just one aspect to consider. Additional fees encompass transfer fees, agency fees, sales progression fees, mortgage arrangement fees, and mortgage insurance fees.

Commencing the property search with solid financial footing is of utmost importance. This approach will imbue buyers with a sense of assurance, enabling them to negotiate effectively with sellers and engage confidently with agents. Armed with a precise understanding of their financial capacity and what is realistically attainable, they can pursue a dream home filled with optimism and certainty.


Step 2 – Curating a comprehensive list of essential property attributes.

Sit down and meticulously compile a catalog of must-have features your ideal property should possess. That entails identifying the requisite number of bedrooms, gauging the convenient proximity to schools or workplaces, and determining your preference for a villa or an apartment.

Once the essentials have been established, contemplate the desirable qualities you aspire for in your prospective property. That could encompass a refreshing pool, a separate kitchen and dining area, an additional bedroom, or an expansive garden.

Maintain a mindset open to compromise, and be prepared to negotiate on certain aspects. Throughout viewing, embrace a receptive attitude, avoiding hasty dismissals based on a singular factor. Remember that your agent may be able to devise creative solutions to address any perceived limitations.


Step 3 – Conduct a meticulous area exploration

The choice of locality for your future abode holds significant importance, and yet, this decision may ultimately hinge upon the financial resources at your disposal. Suppose you find it imperative to secure a residence with three bedrooms due to the size of your family. Still, the properties featuring this criterion within your preferred area surpass your budgetary limits. In such circumstances, broadening your horizons and exploring alternative possibilities becomes necessary. Dubai boasts numerous emerging areas offering affordable housing options, including Damac Hills, Mira, and Arabella.

At Starling Properties, we consistently advise our esteemed clients to venture out and explore various neighborhoods, thus gaining a genuine sense of the community. By driving around different areas, you can gauge your preferences’ ambiance, amenities, and suitability. It is advantageous to assess the accessibility of essential locations pertinent to your daily life, such as schools, workplaces, and shopping venues, ensuring their proximity aligns with your expectations.


Step 4 – Discover the ideal agent

Prospective buyers must procure the services of an agent with whom they can place complete trust and cultivate a professional and cordial relationship. Acquiring a property for the first time is an extraordinary accomplishment, and you must invest in a property that aligns perfectly with your needs. Establishing a sense of comfort where you feel confident engaging in open and candid conversations with your chosen agent is crucial.

A competent agent is genuinely valuable. They will generously impart guidance and profound insights into the real estate market and the specific locality you intend to purchase. They possess an extensive repository of knowledge about their designated area. They can enlighten you about the market trends observed in previous years and make well-informed predictions for the future.

Do not hesitate to scrutinize your agent’s qualifications. Discover the duration of their presence in Dubai and the number of property transactions they have been involved in. A reputable agent will gladly disclose such pertinent information and alleviate any concerns you may have.


Step 5 – Gain a comprehensive understanding of the process

Once you have successfully identified an agent in whom you have the utmost confidence. Engaging in an in-depth discussion with them becomes paramount, whereby they meticulously guide you through every aspect of the process, commencing from initiation to culmination. That entails elucidating the intricacies of making an offer, navigating the negotiation process, understanding the requisite documentation, familiarizing oneself with the NOC (No Objection Certificate), attending transfer appointments, and comprehending the intricacies of the handover procedure.

By embarking on this comprehensive dialogue, you will attain a profound sense of reassurance and remain diligently prepared at every step. You can rest assured that no concealed surprises shall impede your journey.



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